Women’s safety charity sets up at Crewe Market Hall and announces date of next public meeting

A charity dedicated to making society safer for women has set up a monthly stand at Crewe Market Hall – while announcing the date of its next meeting.

Volunteers with the Alpha Omega Women, Peace and Security (WPS) Foundation are taking part in Crewe Community Hub.

This is an event where charities get together to offer support each first Wednesday of the month – running from 12pm to 1:30pm.

On Saturday (September 24), the Foundation is staging its next WPS Security meeting focusing on the issues facing women going out in the evening including the spiking of drinks.

Cheshire police chiefs, martial arts experts and personal security specialists will address the meeting at the Wellness Centre, Apollo Buckingham Health Sciences Campus, Crewe from 10am to 3pm.

Anyone interested in promoting the safety and wellbeing of women is welcome.

Charity founder Amaka Lawton said: “Our presence at Crewe Market Hall has led to more women joining our band of friends to share experiences and offer support to one another.

“We all believe in the Foundation’s campaign message: “It’s Our Right to Be Safe” and to live in peace and harmony. Demeaning women or intimidation on any level is just not acceptable.

“Our meetings are held quarterly and we have heard harrowing examples of physical and mental abuse and just general fear of going out alone.

“We feel this should not be happening in this day and age and want to do all we can to get the message out there while offering a shoulder to lean on.”



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