Privacy Policy


(‘the Company’) and subsidiary companies. 

Privacy Policy 

When you use this platform you are agreeing to accept the terms of use set out below. 

We may change these terms without notice at any time, so you should revisit these from time to  time to see what terms of use you are agreeing to. 


Market Asset Management Ltd is committed to protecting your privacy online. We will treat any  personal information by which you can be identified, your name, address, email etc, in accordance  with the provisions of GDPR. 

When communicating with Market Asset Management Ltd through the platform we will not  collect any information without your permission. There are a number of forms, which either  request feedback about a particular subject or a questionnaire that forms part of a consultation  document. In most cases, you are not required to provide us with any personal details. If we do  require personal information, then the reasons for this will be stated on the individual form or  questionnaire. 

However, if you are willing to provide us with at least your email address it will allow us to respond  to your returned form. Additional personal details will allow us to measure the activity of our site. 

The information gathered will identify those sections of our Community who have access to the  site. This will help us to develop the site for everyone, regardless of age, gender, disability or  ethnic origin. The information will only be used for the intended purpose unless otherwise stated  on the actual feedback form or questionnaire. 

Your personal details will not be sold, traded or rented to third parties for marketing purposes or  commercial gain unless we have received explicit consent to do so.

Children’s Privacy 

It is especially important to protect children’s privacy online and we would encourage parents and  guardians to spend time online with their children to participate and monitor their children’s  activity. 

We encourage schools to monitor their student’s activity especially where they are submitting  forms or questionnaires as part of their studies. 

Any personal information submitted to this site by young people or children will not be used for  any purposes other than monitoring activity on the site. 

Google Analytics – Advertising 

We have enabled Google Analytics features to allow us to collect data about the traffic which  comes to our site. This information could be use to “remarket” services of interest to our visitors  on other sites using Google AdWords . The aim is to make sure that any advertising we create is as  relevant as is reasonably possible to our audience. You can opt out of Google Analytics tracking if  you want to. 

Third Party Sites 

Third party internet sites that you can link to through the are not  covered by our Privacy and Security policy. Any personal information you enter through these sites  are subject to the individual sites Privacy and Security policies and Crewe website partners cannot  accept any responsibility or liability for these sites. 


Please note that all forms and questionnaires are returned to us through e-mail. Currently, e-mail  may be intercepted by unauthorised persons (hackers) and is therefore not a fully secure method  of communication. If you have concerns regarding completing our forms or questionnaires on-line,  please contact us using the appropriate details provided to arrange an alternative method.