Olive’s Cypriot Food

As I have already been working in the hospitality sector for more than 4 years, having my own business in this sector has been my career goal for years. I worked in several restaurants and coffee shops in both Cyprus and the UK and interacting with customers, and being in the kitchen has always been so joyful for me.

I moved to the UK over 2 years ago just before the Covid-19 pandemic and before the national lockdown I started working in a restaurant. In the meantime, I had the chance to observe the British culture and in the pandemic time, I had the chance to gain more qualifications in culinary arts and business management. I observed from the people around me that Cypriots and British people have some commons in terms of food tastes. We both like the mezze culture and the Mediterranean food. It is not quite surprising as there are many Cypriots already living in the UK, and many British people visiting Cyprus every year.

I saw the stall available at Crewe Market Hall when I was having dinner there and I thought how great it would be to run that stall, however, I also knew that I could gain more experience in the sector as I was only 23 and needed more time to increase my budget. The opportunities and the support Crewe Market Hall was providing to business owners at the Market motivated me to make an application and at least have the experience of trying. After considering the results of my market research and my experiences, I decided to do what I know the best. I grew up in Cypriot culture and I wanted to present that culture in the best way I know to people from different cultures.

Although being young in a different country was already a threat, opening a stall just in the middle of a pandemic was making me more nervous, However, when I look back in time, I am grateful that I tried and made the step. Currently, at Olive’s Cypriot Street Food, we have gyros and present them in different ways to please everyone’s palate. We bring the authentic tastes of our food from Greece and Cyprus. Halloumi is one of our most popular products and it also comes from Cyprus as olives.

I am thankful to Crewe Market Hall management for giving me the chance. I enjoy the time I prepare the food, I am interested in any feedback and seeing happy customers at the end of the day is worth all the struggles I had. I am so proud and happy to be a part of this project and to be a member of the family.


We have limited opportunities for exciting small businesses to join us at Crewe Market Hall, including retail and fresh food retail uses. At this time, our street food units are fully let, but we are happy to hear from anyone interested in opening an outlet with us in the future to add to our contact list.

If you would like to express your interest, please follow the button below, fill out the short form and someone from our team will be in touch.